May 23, 2024
Amorgós, GR 19 C

Weather in Amorgos

The weather in Amorgos is sunny and windy most days of the year.

In spring and autumn the conditions are usually amazing with light winds and mild nights, but also intense humidity.

This is the best time to get acquainted with the beauty of the island through its trails.

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In the summer months, north and northwest winds –the famous meltemia – prevail which cool the atmosphere but often are quite fierce, mainly during the day.

At night their intensity drops.

Meltemia is the reason why there are rarely heat waves in the Aegean.

The highest temperatures in summer can reach 33-35˚C and the lowest 20-22˚C.

In winter, the weather keeps being sunny with short breaks of rain and strong winds from the south and north.

The highest temperatures in winter can reach 18-20˚C and the lowest 5-7˚C.

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