May 23, 2024
Amorgós, GR 19 C

Five must see stops while driving in Amorgos

Driving in Amorgos is an attraction in its own right.

The dazzling landscapes everywhere you look bring you closer to the wild beauty of this place.

So what are those highlights where you should definitely pull over?

Here are five epic stops, while driving across the island of Amorgos from north to south.

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1. Starting our tour from Aegiali, and about five kilometers from the port, we’ll find the first stop, ​​Agios Pavlos. Apart from the small beach with its crystal clear waters, there is unlimited view of the uninhabited island of Nikouria right in front of us; impressive due to its morphology, but also because of its sunsets during the summer months.

2. About fifteen kilometers past Agios Pavlos, we’ll get to know the capital of the island, the most characteristic village of Amorgos, Chora.

A stroll in its alleys will prove to you that its delineation as the most beautiful chora of the Cyclades is not accidental.

3. Our third stop is none other than the most emblematic site in Amorgos. The monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa. Whether you’re visiting the monastery or just indulging in the beauty of the landscape, this will prove a truly unique experience.

4. Two kilometers ahead, we’ll find Agia Anna beach, the small bay French director Luc Besson fell in love with and immortalized in the movie The Big Blue. You just can’t miss it.

5. Driving southwards, we’ll stumble upon one of the most attractive image of today’s Amorgos. The shipwreck of Olympia is a picture that remains indelible in your mind.

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